The Sister's Room

"The Sister's Room"

It is rumored that the two sisters that lived in the home during the 1900's, shared this room. One of the sisters gave music lessons in the sitting room which contained a Baby Grand Piano.


Prayer Room

"The Prayer Room"

In the 1800's, prayer rooms were typically situated at the top of the stairs. The room would have a table, a chair and an oil lamp located next to a window. Due to the volatile nature of "frontier towns" during this era, the spouse would sit by the light of the oil lamp and pray that their spouse would return from town safely.


The "Prayer Room" and the "Sister's Room", as with the other two guest rooms in the home, all contain their own private bath. A memorable view of the river can be seen from within every room in the home. Leisure Habor Inn offers a quiet respite from the rest of the world. So, if you're looking for rest and relaxation from life's hectic pace, The Leisure Harbor Inn, Bed and Breakfast is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing evening, a good night's rest and a delicious breakfast.



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